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Can your team produce up to date and accurate job cost reports on a weekly or even better, a daily basis?

Are you struggling with workflow issues that slow down your operation and increase risk?

Can your field personnel easily update the status of a project with cost and  productivity details?

Does your accounting and operations teams work well together paying and submitting invoices?

Need help simplifying your construction business?  We can help!
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Vista by Viewpoint is a Best in Class Construction ERP

Kade Solutions appreciates the flexibility of the software to be configured to match your specific workflow needs.  Out of the box, Vista by Viewpoint is a tremendously powerful tool, when implemented correctly, it can provide contractors the tools they need to reduce risk, increase performance, and manage projects using real time analytics.

Vista by Viewpoint implementations can be a stressful and difficult undertaking. Our implementation methodology was designed to get you up and running with the new software as quickly as possible.  After that, we work with you to analyze your performance and suggest improved workflows, management techniques, and organizational improvements so your bottom line improves as a result of this investment.

Kade Solutions does not see itself as a "Software Implementation Consulting Firm". Implementations often require a blend of technology, process, and cultural related changes that most implementation consultants just cannot provide.  They may know the software, but they don't know how to run a construction company.  We are a group of former construction industry executives who joined forces to form a management consulting company.  

Vista by Viewpoint is one of our perferred tool to help our clients achieve their goals.

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Ongoing Training and Support

Vista by Viewpoint users can rely on Kade Solutions for ongoing training and support.  Our service response times are much faster than Viewpoint and depending on your needs and the service level agreement you choose:

  • We have a support group standing by to address day-to-day questions on specific issues you may be experiencing.
  • We provide live stream training programs for operations, equipment management, and accounting teams using Vista by Viewpoint standard workflows. Custom training using your company procedures are also available.
  • We execute testing and support plans during the software update process to make sure there are no surprises after a software update.
  • We support our clients with ongoing maintenance and customization of the Vista by Viewpoint SQL Server database

Kade Solutions can be your one stop shop for Vista by Viewpoint support

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Custom Development and Report Building

KADE Solutions has on staff technical consultants and Quality Assurance personnel that can meet all of your custom development and report building requirements.  We are able to develop reports using the following tools:

  • SAP Crystal Reports for standard Vista by Viewpoint report modifications.

  • Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) for custom reports and dashboards that can be automatically emailed to recipients.

  • Microsoft Power BI to transform data into visualizations.  This is great for building dashboards that include Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that drill down into transactional data.

  • Microsoft Excel exports for detailed analysis.

  • Microsoft Word templates for Viewpoint by Vista Project Management Create and Send features.

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